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Global e-Commerce Sales
$4.5 trillion

With 2.05 billion current online
buyers globally, time is now to
start your new business.

Think BIG.

Reach BIG.

Succeed BIG.


Planet Mogul is
committed to providing
young students the
opportunity to explore and
experience the world of
business in various forms.
One such form is the ability
to see how the use of their
talents and creativity can
create a digital enterprise
and profitable income source.

The Planet Mogul
Learn + Earn Program
helping young students move
mind share to market share –
giving them support that one
idea can make a difference:
Submit your ideas for our
retail partners. Win a chance
to showcase your product.
If your idea is chosen to
produce, you will earn the
profit. You will be required to
take the business
development classes on
Planet Mogul to learn how
to operate your first
new business.


Students must complete
the following classes in
order to participate in the
Learn + Earn Program.

Vision and Growth Map
How to Start a Business
How to Make Revenue
Income Statements
Balance Sheet
Cash Flow
Money Management
Marketing Plan
Raising Money
How to Pitch Your Idea


Review the
Retail Partners
Submit Your Idea(s)
Earn Profits.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
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Will you have an idea on electric cars and
space shuttles like Elon Musk?

Will you own a social media network with
billions of people coming on daily?

Will you develop the next
TikTok or Clubhouse?

Will you develop the next Apple?

Will you discover the next vaccine?

ONE word starts a book.
ONE notes makes the music.
ONE spark ignites the fire.
ONE whistle starts the game.
ONE product launches a business.
ONE smile breaks the ice.
ONE IDEA can make a difference in the world.
ONE person can change the world.

What is your big idea or ideas?

Innovation can’t happen in isolation. Everyone should have the opportunity
to participate in the innovation process. We must create the future together.
Mae Jemison, M.D.

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Please fill out your information. Include a short description of your idea
as well as an image or PDF file of your idea.