Moguls-in-Training Workbook


The Voluntary National Content Standards in Economics
Standard 14:  Entrepreneurship & Innovation

The Moguls-in-Training Workbook lessons weaves entrepreneurship, financial education, product development and innovation into the different business sectors and how science, technology, engineering, arts and math are extremely critical to prepare for future opportunities in the industries profiled.

Each of the standardized lesson plans includes:
The market size of the industry (lesson: economics)

An industry activity to develop vision, understand the gaps and needs.
(lesson: innovation, product  development, entrepreneurship)

How the industry is profitable (lesson: financial education)
Career guide with salary ranges and educational requirements

Choosing a Board of Directors (lesson: leadership)
How to pitch ideas (lesson: entrepreneurship)

Each lesson has QR Code(s) to provide additional
information on the industry and will be updated.

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