Electrifying the Power of Imagination:
A Metaverse Immersive Experience

The Planet Mogul MetaVersity is a catalyst to electrifying the power of imagination of our
future entrepreneurs, innovators and a prepared workforce through educational and experiential
experiences. The ability to immerse students into a mirror world environment is one of the core
learning benefits of the metaverse.

Learn + Earn Center: The Planet Mogul MetaVersity students foster a sense of belonging, overcoming challenges and participating in activities that otherwise would be out of reach. Their customized avatar can explore, create and submit their ideas to Amazon. They can host their own concert, movie premiere or art gallery opening as part of the Learn + Earn Center’s educational opportunities.

Imagine the power of EQUITY: The concept of virtual learning has long been touted as a solution for accessibility. But the metaverse takes it a step further, ensuring that all students can feel included within immersive experiences. The Planet Mogul MetaVersity delivers equitable opportunities for imaginations to flourish by providing a similar experience for all users,
regardless of their personal circumstances or world locations.

Teachers have long struggled with providing whole-child educational approaches due to a lack of resources and support. The Planet Mogul MetaVersity appeals to students who require extra attention in ways that are less resource-intensive while still engaging their individual hobbies and interests. This helps level the playing field for our
students in under-resourced communities and countries.

The Planet Mogul MetaVersity helps students with impairments or disabilities by delivering a sense of belonging, reduced anxiety-inducing behaviors and decreased societal pressures.

We want ALL students to imagine, to experience an
to believe
the seemingly impossible IS POSSIBLE!

and you too will IMAGINE a better world for all!

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