Electrifying the Power of Imagination:
Training middle-school students in the metaverse to be

As best-selling author Daniel H. Pink says: “Control leads to compliance; autonomy leads to engagement.”  When students feel they have freedom of action and can be creative, the results have been amazing.  Meet Tarryn on page 10 – she was a HOMELESS teenager and wanted to invest a bio-degradable micromagnetic replacer for torn ligaments. We also discovered some students were very hesitant to be creative in front of their peers.

The power of EQUITY:
Planet Mogul’s PRIVATE
MetaVersity was developed to ignite creativity and provide TRAINING to support dreams in real-world applications though a mirror world – an  environment where all students can feel included in the experiences, regardless of their personal circumstances and NO BULLIES ALLOWED.

The MetaVersity will appeal to students who require extra attention, have impairments or disabilities by delivering a sense of belonging, reduced anxiety-inducing behaviors and decreased societal pressures – while still engaging their individual hobbies and interests. This helps level the playing field for students in under-resourced communities and countries.

In the Planet Mogul MetaVersity, students can participate in activities that would be out of their reach; they can host their own concerts, movie premieres, art gallery openings, have a product on the Planet Mogul Marketplace to sell and earn revenue:
if they can dream it, they can be it.

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